All Souls' Day - November 2nd

Posted on October 25, 2019 in: General News

Mass will be celebrated at 8 am followed by Blessing of Cemeteries. 

Blessing of Cemeteries south of Hwy 90 will be blessed by Fr. Babychan: (1) Holy Cross (2)  Woodman (3) San Francisco (4) St. Dominic's.

Blessings of Cemeteries north of Hwy 90 will be blessed by Fr. Anthony:  (1) Cortez Cemetery (2)  Rudinger Cemetery. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The blessings will take place as they are numbered and they will be going on at the same time following our 8:00 am Mass. 

Blessing of cemetery in Yancey will take place once Fr. Anthony completes the blessings in D'Hanis.