2023 Lumen Gentium Award Recipients

Posted on February 06, 2023 in: General News

2023 Lumen Gentium Award Recipients

The Lumen Gentium Award is bestowed upon Catholic lay people from each parish who have demonstrated participation in the Catholic Church’s mission to bring Christ’s light to all. The individuals are practicing Catholics, in good standing, who manifest an understanding of the teachings of the church and have been graced with a life formed in the Catholic spiritual tradition. These individuals have used their talents to deepen the life of the church in the parish or have served in an extraordinary way the ministry of the parish.

Only one individual [or one married couple] should be nominated per parish, and they must be a layperson in good standing. If married, the nominee, whether nominated individually or as a couple, must be in a valid Catholic marriage and live a life of active faith in the Catholic Church.

Ralph & Vicky Reyes,Congratulations to our Lumen Gentium 2023 Award Honorees!