Directory of Ministries and Organizations

One of the most important duties that the greeter/usher has is that of hospitality. They are the first people that worshipers meet when they arrive at church. The greeter/usher has the opportunity and the responsibility to represent the rest of the assembly in offering hospitality.


  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before mass
  • Greet and welcome at the main entrance
  • Have bulletins ready to hand out after Mass
  • Place gifts on back table
  • Arrange gifts bearers
  • Seat people as needed
  • Assist in placing “Reserved” signs on benches for special groups
  • Take up collections
  • Assist those who become ill or need aid
  • Open and close the entrance doors to the Church
  • Prepare the Church for the next Mass
  • Performing other duties as requested by the Celebrant

If you wish to volunteer for this ministry, please contact the Liturgical Coordinator.

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